How to overcome the biggest obstacle in media sales

As a media rep pitching a prospective client on a program that you know can drive the results they want, the biggest obstacle to overcome in convincing them to sign on the dotted line and give it a try is that the business owner or manager may not trust you.

This is because, they have likely met other people working for other media with your same job title who cared more about “making a sale” than helping them sell their products or services in a long term, mutually-profitable relationship. They have likely bought advertising that did not work…more than once.

There is a way to overcome this obstacle and help the business engage in effective marketing and learn, through the results you deliver, that such a thing exists. The way is to convince the business owner that you’re different, that you care about them, that you are a marketing expert, that they can trust you, that you can help them…

The best way to convince them you’re different is to BE different and to be a marketing expert.

Know who your medium can work for and sell HARD and SMART when you believe a program can be fruitful for the prospective client.

Know who your medium won’t work for…or if it cannot meet the objectives the client is trying to accomplish with the campaign…and walk away.

The ability to walk away is key! That knowledge and integrity helps you be all the more convincing in front of the people who you really can help.

If you know your medium and marketing well enough to predict results based on experience or research, you will KNOW when you’re sitting on a potential “oil well” relationship for the client and your medium. This enables a Media Sales Pro to communicate with an intangible level of extra persuasive energy that comes from believing down to the core of your being that the prospective client will be losing out if they don’t give your medium and the program you are proposing a try.