Direct response media sales is like the oil business

The best way to grow a rewarding career as a media sales professional in direct response is to think of the long term, mutually profitable client relationships you seek as “oil wells.”

Like drilling for oil, you are seeking to create campaigns for clients that “flow” a steady stream of profits for all parties. Campaigns that work to grow their businesses month after month, year after year. In doing this, you create an “oil well” client relationship, one that generates a steady stream of profits for the client and your firm for a long, long time.

Because the client is making money and knows it (direct response is trackable), you have to mess up pretty bad to lose her. Once you do the work of setting up a successful campaign, you still have to spend a some time servicing the account and making minor changes to the campaign (hopefully not too many…it’s working!), but you pretty much have a passive income stream for several years if you’re doing it right. This frees you to “drill for more oil” or take lots of time to enjoy life with your friends and family…or, even better, both!

The secret to success in response-oriented media sales is not found making more sales. It is found in seeking out clients that your medium can work exceptionally well for and taking the time and effort to work with them in setting up “oil well” relationships. Keeping a constant focus on growing sales for clients, without worrying about your ad sales numbers, is the best way to make sure you never have to worry about your sales numbers.